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The Boboli Garden, Firenze

Statues, fountains, secret paths, water basins and fantastic panorama views. A quiet stroll in Florence's Boboli Garden, embraced by autumn colors, is a must if you want the get the Tuscan capital's charm all the way under your skin. And that was exactly what the German writer and poet Hermann Hesse (1877-1962) knew.

He was was literally in love with Florence, and one of his favorite places in the Tuscan capital was i Giardini Boboli, the Boboli Garden about which he wrote:

"Despite all my efforts to exploit my stay in Florence to the full, I certainly do not regret the afternoons I spent strolling and daydreaming in the Boboli Garden. I have only vague and blurred memories of certain famous churches, or of entire cities hurriedly visited. But I hope never to forget the hours spent at Boboli".

In June 2013 the Boboli Garden was admitted to UNESCO's world heritage list. It receives more than 800.000 visitors every year.

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