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I was born in Denmark in 1964 and moved to Rome in 1997. My interest in photography dates back about a decade. To me photography means passion, first of all. But maybe also curiosity and an attempt to catch that special moment where something interesting, or pleasurable, or intriguing, or amusing, or strange emerges from a scene. I don't have a favorite style or a favorite subject or a photographic specialty. I like (almost) everything about photography. In fact, the photos in my galleries are not taken trying to respect a certain style. Photography is too big, too immense to practice only one style. The photos are taken with cameras from Olympus, Nikon and Fuji and soon also shots from two Lomography cameras will be added. If inspiration doesn't fail to look my way in the future, more galleries will be added.




Jesper Storgaard Jensen
Via Muggia 8, int. 5
00195 - Roma (RM)



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